Living the Good Life and Losing Weight

I took the last Friday free to go on a wine tour with friends. We had a great time stuff was phenomenal: sampling wine, good food and lots of laughs. Since many of my friends are gifted with culinary skills, we talked about the food a bit, well not so little.

The conversation ranged from recipes, cookbooks to having a restaurant like a business. I do not cook much, it’s more is not my forte, but I’m s I sure appreciate the good cuisine and no need to say good wines.

As the day progressed I was having so much fun that I said to myself, “This is really the good life!” Then I thought, “What a great topic for my blog.” How do you live the “good life” and still lose weight? I asked myself at that moment of comelona Alegria, (well it is as they say in my country) and good companies …

I rarely deprive myself, so I think it can serve as a guide in this area.

Let’s look at four keys to living the good life and still lose weight

Moderation – can not be exceeded, and this is extremely important because it simultaneously demands a lot of willpower. You are eating to feed your body in the first place. You will create a lifestyle that will support your ideal weight. Taste a little of everything you like and say “no” to others. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger. Never eat, to the point of feeling stuffed.

Establish an exercise routine. Another vital thing, because if a living being does not move then it is no longer called living being, would it be a true object? This will reduce the number of calories and burn fat. If you can add weight to your exercise, it will be even better. Weight builds muscle mass and burns more calories at rest.

Balance the intake of food properly. Every meal should have protein, fat, and vegetables. This will help keep your blood sugar stable, so it will not trigger an insulin response. When protein balance and carbohydrate intake is in your body, the next thing is to burn fat.

Follow the 80/20 rule. This is very, very important. Eat healthy, exercise and follow a good diet plan 8 out of 10 days.

Living the good life is not party all day, every day. For me, it is living a rich and satisfying life. This includes the four keys I mentioned. Outline your definition of a good life. Be sure to incorporate moderation, exercise, balance and 80/20 rule.

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