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Derek Durkin

  1. Build Functional Strength
  2. Dynamic Full Body Training
  3. Cross-Training for the Complete Athlete

Online Program

  • 4 Week Training Program
  • Customized to your Goals
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RISE Fit Academy

  • Interactive Training Course
  • 14 Week Workout Program
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Group Training

  • Workout Together, Anywhere!
  • Single Session or Packages
  • Get Fit Together!

After an impressive collegiate football career, and dragging his feet through the daily boredom of business attire for 6 years, Derek is determined to become the top fitness entrepreneur in the world.

Derek is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is a group fitness instructor at Barrys Bootcamp Boston & Turnstyle Cycle.

Derek Durkin Fitness is built to help you develop lean functional muscle through High-Intensity Strength Endurance Interval Training (HISEIT). This is the foundation for which his training philosophy, RISE, is built on. RISE Training stands for Resistance, Intervals, Speed & Endurance.

Derek Durkin Fitness offers three training options to meet your needs: The RISE Training Program, Corporate RISE, and Personal Training Packages.

Follow Derek on Twitter at @WolfofBoston